Awesome Solution - Spring Deep Drive Workshop series

Short deep-dives into the methods and mindsets of the Creativity & Change programme.

We are so excited to share our Spring Deep-Dive Workshop series with you!

Join us on a journey of hope, imagination, creativity and action as we explore the concept of the Awesome Solution in our trainings and workshops.

When: Running throughout April and May 2021, we have created 5 different streams so you can choose an option that works best for you.

Where: Online

What is the series about?

Deep Dive Training (formally masterclasses): action-focused workshops to unleash your imagination and creativity. Leading to a collective day of creative hopeful action across the country at our Paste-Up Blitz.

Our Spring-Summer training programme is centred around the idea of the “Awesome Solution”. This concept is based on research conducted at the COP21 conference about the impact of art on audience engagement and perceptions of the world’s big problems. 


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