Masterclass: Urban Learning - Look UP!

Dates: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2019

Time: Starts Saturday 10.30am and finishes Sunday 4pm

Venue: Grand Parade Campus (Lecture Room and Studio).

Lecturer: Tom Spalding

Course Fee: €120

What is the course about?

Urban Learning - Look UP! Cork Architecture and the Teaching of Visual Culture in the new Art & Design Curriculum

This masterclass will provide a guided tour of Cork City’s significant contemporary and historic buildings. Art teachers, as well as other interested individuals, will get the opportunity to critically analyse the buildings in terms of their backgrounds, design principles and impact on the city as a whole. Opportunity will also be provided to respond to this tour by making artwork and devising lesson plans that have been inspired by this experience – keeping in mind the proposed new senior cycle art curriculum.


Course Enquiries:

Janet Reid (Lecturer)
+353 86 1292688

For more information & to apply: