BA (Honours) in Photography with New Media

CAO Code: MT822

Duration: 4 years (8 Semesters)

Course Fee:

Already a CAO applicant? If you have applied to us with a portfolio and now wish to change to Photography with New Media ensure to contact us, we would be happy to answer any queries - the Change of Mind facility is open until July 1st 2022.

Location: This course is based in the Envision Centre, which is a repurposed city centre campus of the Crawford at Sober Lane, adjacent to Sullivan’s Quay.


What is the course about?

The BA (Hons) in Photography with New Media is an exciting new programme with a distinct professional emphasis. It blends photography, video and new media to prepare students to work creatively and flexibly in a variety of photography, video and media related areas.

The photography, video and media industry covers a diverse range of professional activity from PR, portrait, and wedding photography to such specialist fields as sports, advertising and fashion. 


Other specialist areas include clinical, forensic, architectural, equestrian and theatre photography.

Photographers can be employed directly by companies or work as freelance professionals. There is hardly a social activity that does not require the services of a photographer in some way, and industry professionals all acknowledge the shift that requires them to be proficient in both still and moving image capture, as well as in all of the associated post-production work.

What will you be doing?

You will be using the latest and most up-to-date photography, video and media industry software and hardware. You will gain first-hand experience of the realities of the photography profession through an extended professional placement in the third year of the programme.


Why do this course?

  • This programme prepares you to work as a professional maker of still and moving images
  • You will develop the creative, technical and analytical skills required for the photography, video and media industry
  • You will learn how to use a wide range of traditional and emerging photography, video and media equipment and technologies
  • You will gain first-hand professional experience through an extended professional placement

Career Opportunities

 Advertising Photography Sports Photography Video Production Fashion Photography Events Photographer Architectural Photography Clinical and Forensic Photographer Videographer  Short Film Maker Motion Graphics Producer Video Post-Producer Video Technician Entrepreneur and much more.



Course Enquiries:
Albert Walsh
+353 21 433 5247

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