The Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade

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No Public access to gallery, for public safety this exhibition is viewed via windows on Grand Parade

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28 Sep


2 Oct

Exhibition viewing through booking only.

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Remembering the thousands of people drowned crossing the Med.

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About the Gallery

The Gallery at No. 46 Grand Parade is a creative space under the direction of the Crawford College of Art & Design and is located in the heart of Cork City. By hosting a diverse range of activities throughout the year, the Gallery seeks to inspire recognition of creative expression within all creative disciplines and to encourage learning within the college & community.  

Artist & Designers

The Gallery at No. 46 contributes to CCAD’s culture of multi-disciplinary creative practice and provides a context for the understanding and interpretation of contemporary practice, featuring both solo and multi-disciplinary projects by local, national and international artists, designers & creative practitioners. The gallery provides a space for a range of learning activities: exhibition, curation, engagement with audience and critical practice.