Sarah Foster
Fine Art & Applied Art

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: History and Theory of Visual Culture

Sarah Foster is an educator, historian, critic and curator who lectures in the history and theory of visual culture across the Contemporary Applied Art and Fine Art programmes. 

Her primary research concerns the histories of making, retailing and consuming and her teaching encompasses design history, art history and contemporary themes within visual culture. 

A history graduate, Sarah worked in fine art and film, then gained an M.A. in design history at the Royal College of Art, London; while there, she co-founded Things, an acclaimed new design history journal, and worked at the V&A Museum.  

Sarah has lectured widely, and written for a broad range of scholarly publications, on the histories of shopping, the domestic interior, and identity. She also consults for the National Museum and the Department of Education, and peer reviews books and journal articles for academic publishers in the UK and USA, as well as Ireland. 





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Royal College of Art M.A. in history of design: 


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BA (Honours) in Contemporary Applied Art

BA (Honours) in Fine Art

Art Textile (Level 8)

Master of Arts by Research