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The Crawford is a diverse & creative community exploring art, design, technology, culture, visual arts education & media.

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Spring Deep Dive Series

We are so excited to share our Spring Deep-Dive Workshop series with you! Join us on a journey of hope, imagination, creativity and action as we explore the concept of the Awesome Solution in our trainings and workshops. Running throughout April and May we have created 5 different streams so you can choose an option that works best for you. Learn more and get the registration links on our website 

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Free Workshops for TY and Senior Level Secondary School students

This FREE series of 6 x 2-hour long workshops runs from 19th-23rd April.  Workshops are designed to introduce TY and Senior Level Secondary School students on pursuing a career in the Arts, to the idea of portfolio creation and an insight into life as an Art student. This preparatory programme is suitable for both TY Class groups and Leaving Certificate Students and provides a platform for creative ideas and skills to produce a diverse body of work.

To join us and to check on the materials you'll need, go here.

Watch recorded Webinar from our Department of Arts in Health & Education

Watch our Departmental Webinar held on Friday 12th March. Hear about our range of courses which model, explore and provide training in expressive ways of knowing, from art teaching to arts in health | wellbeing | social action to art therapy.

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Crawford Winners at MTU MOMENTS photograph and caption competition